Organizations & Church Directories

Let Blakeburn Studios handle your organization or church directory needs.


Custom Directories

We offer custom directories for your church or organization with session set up at a location of your choice. We also include staff/leadership portraits for the directory and website. 


High Volume Headshots

Blakeburn Studios wants to make it easy for your organizations to get your professional head shot portraits. Organizations can schedule with us for their team members and employees to have their head shots taken. Instead of booking and paying for a separate session fee and investing in individual head shots, your organization will be able to complete this process in a day. You will save time and money by working with us.


Non-profit Partnerships

We love non-profit organizations that benefit our community. We have several options for organization portraits for boards of directors, members, and fundraisers. Contact us today to find out more about how we can work together to improve our community!