Why Us?

Blakeburn Schools and Sports was created as a division of Blakeburn Studios by the owner, Matthew Blakeburn, CPP and Studio Manager Jessy Frizzell. Together, they came to the conclusion that there was little to no availability of quality portraiture for low budget, volume, clients such as schools, churches, and sports leagues. Using the same techniques and customer service as with Blakeburn Studios’ upscale clients, Matthew and Jessy are able to provide quality portraiture for our community’s volume needs at affordable prices.

Blakeburn Studios is a family-owned business that believes in being community-minded while maintaining strong family and personal values. We work to give our clients the highest quality portraits and exceptional customer service.

Our mission is to serve and give back to the communities and organizations we work with, photograph the highest quality portraits utilizing the best practices and training we can provide, and to have outstanding customer service that is unbeatable.

In addition to working with schools and organizations to give them the quality portraits they deserve, we strive to provide a service that is as easy and painless as possible. We believe that the schools and faculty we work with are already so busy with their responsibilities that we want to lift their burdens and make picture day as easy as possible. One way we can help is to provide our schools with a 24/7 hotline that faculty and administrators can call or text us on. We promise that you will always speak with a local representative and never an automated or outsourced system.

Blakeburn Studios is committed to giving back to our communities. We have many opportunities for fundraising as well as offering honest and open commission plans on everything we photograph and sell. One of Matthew’s favorite ways to give back is to help educate students and faculty. For every school that is contracted with Blakeburn Studios we will provide classes and workshops either at our studio or at your school to teach how to use the newest applications and photography equipment.

Our guarantee to our schools, organizations, and communities is to provide a service that is held to the highest quality standards, we will always have well-trained and capable staff, we will provide a fast turnaround time, we will strive to make it as easy as possible for our faculty partners, and if we make a mistake we will fix the problem within 48 hours. Blakeburn Studios is here to be a partner for our community and schools.

We look forward to a wonderful partnership that will benefit you, Blakeburn Studios, and our community.